Proj D 2.

2009-07-19 02:41:47 by PaulF

Daily 2nd place.

Very kewl.

Proj D 2.

Ok so Ive uploaded the updated vamplair site.

Some new interactive items and mysteries for you to discover await!

Ill be adding minor details to the mystery room over the next day or two so new things will popup daily.

Vamplair 2.0 site upgrade complete.

Website Redesign

2007-08-09 19:10:54 by PaulF

New website design is complete.

%100 Flash aimed towards a more interactive user experience.

(Home of The Emo Boy and Illusions of Immortality cartoons.)

Emo Boy Deathwish

2007-07-21 21:57:15 by PaulF

I posted an interactive Emo Boy cartoon the other day.

You can watch it here on NGs or at my website.

Emo Boy Deathwish

New Update

2007-07-21 03:50:48 by PaulF

Newgrounds looking good.

New Update